Customers Want To Text Your Business.

Now They Can!

Capture More Leads, Close More Sales, Provide Faster Service, Save Time

Live Chat For Your Web site....But Better!

People click the chat icon on your web site and send you a text. You can answer from your computer or cell phone APP. They never see your cell number! If it’s after hours, they can leave a message.

People Want To Start The Conversation With A Text.
Why Not Let Them?

Stop losing people who don’t want to make a phone call. 

  • Instantly capture web site visitor contact info
  • Communicate in the office or on the go
  • Stay connected even when people leave your web site
  • Nearly 100% chance they will see your replies
  • With the App, no one sees your cell phone number

Includes A Chat Widget For Your Web Site

  • Nobody wants to talk to a bot
  • Nobody wants to fill out a web form
  • Your web site visitors want to chat with a real live person.
  • Personalize the experience by chatting live via text and watch your conversions skyrocket.
  • You can set your business hours that the chat will be available.

Business Owners Receive & Send Messages From One Dashboard (In Box)

You or your staff can reply from a dashboard on your computer

Ideal for when you’re in the office – You get a simple easy to use dashboard to send, receive and manage text conversations. No software required. Instant message alerts.

Or, reply from an App on your phone

Ideal for when you’re on the road – Receive text notifications on your phone through the App. Since you’re using the App, no one ever sees your cell phone number!

Normally $147/mo. Take advantage of our special launch price .

Chat Via Text Is The Easiest Way For Customers To Start The Conversation

And.... A Great Way For Companies To Save Time!

Signup Now - Free 14 Day Trial then $77/mo

  1. We will email the code to add the chat widget to your web site. Let us know if you want us to install it for you.
  2. Our 2 minute “Getting Started Video” will show you how to download the mobile App and access the dashboard from your computer. Or, schedule a Zoom call and we will help you.

We are confident you will love this tool. It’s a powerful way for businesses to save time and gain a competitive edge. No other texting platform offers so many features to help grow your business. No contract. Cancel anytime. 

Bonus: Order Now And Receive SMS Text Broadcasting

When people text your business they are automatically stored in your APP (in the cloud). You can tag each person as prospect or customer, etc. Over time, your list will grow. It’s like building an email list but better, because people will almost always see your texts.

Automatically send text reminders and special messages

  • Send special offers
  • Appointment reminders
  • Payment reminders
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Happy birthday/holiday messages

Stop Losing Customers Who Don’t Want To Make A Phone Call

Connect, Capture and Respond To Your Web Site Visitors

Why customers like to text

  • Texting is an instant non-threatening way for people to communicate at their convenience.
  • Many people don’t want to call a business for fear of having to wait on hold.

Why chat-via-text is essential for your business

  • More people will text than call you.
  • Better customer experience/fast response.
  • Instantly capture customers’ name and cell #.
  • Stay connected, even when people leave your web site. Chat programs can’t do that.
  • If you need to reply later, there’s nearly 100% chance they will see your text. Emails can’t guarantee that.
  • You build a list you can market to later.

Break the ice

Just because a conversation starts with a text doesn’t mean it has to stay there. Once the ice is broken, you can text back and forth or offer to give them a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

Q: Contract?

No contract. Cancel anytime.

Q: How is this different than other texting platforms?

Our platform gives you:

  1. A [Text] button that appears at the bottom of your web site designed to engage visitors who would rather start the conversation with a text
  2. Text alerts when someone sends you a message
  3. A dashboard that allows you to reply to texts from a computer or cell phone
  4. SMS broadcasting platform an automatic way to “build your list” from people who texted you first (giving you permission to text them back)
  5. The ability to tag each person as a prospect, or client etc, so you can send broadcast messages based on their status
  6. Option to set business hours
  7. Analytics

Most texting platforms only give you SMS broadcasting (sending mass messages) without giving you a way for people to opt-in.
egally, you are not supposed to text customers without their permission. Our APP solves that problem too.

Q: How do I install the App code on my site?

After you signup, we will email the code you need to give to your web site admin. Or, we can add it to your site for you. It only takes about 60 seconds.

Q: Can I upload a list of people to send texts to?

No. Legally, people have to opt-in by texting you first.

Q: Is there a limit?

Our starter package includes 1,000 texts per month. Once you exceed that, we can discuss the increased volume you will need,.

Q: I know the App allows people to text me from my web site, but can they text my business number too?

We can enable texting on your business line as an upgrade option. Imagine your emails and advertising saying “Call or Text xxx-xxx-xxxx”. This is powerful.

Q: How long does it take to get started?

After you sign up, your account should be ready to go within 48 hours.

texting statistics

People are always looking at their phones (not talking). Communicate via text and you have their attention.

  • 67% of people would rather text with a business about appointments and scheduling than by email or phone (State of Texting Report)
  • 95% of texts from businesses are read within 3 minutes of being sent (Forbes)
  • 56% of people surveyed would rather message a business than call customer service. (Nielson study)
  • 73% of customers wish more businesses texted them (zipwhip)
  • 84% of businesses use or plan to use texting in their sales and marketing efforts (Salesforce)
  • Americans send roughly 26 billion text messages every day (Business Insider)
  • 78% of US consumers say receiving a text message is the fastest way to reach them (Transactional Messaging Consumer Report)

make it easy for your web site visitors to reach you

engage with more customers

capture more leads

close more sales

Make it easy for customers to connect with your business. Some  want to call and others prefer to text. The important thing is that you make it easy for them to connect with you so you can respond immediately and capture their phone number so you can continue the conversation or follow up via a phone call or text. Nobody likes to fill out a form or talk to a bot. Our chat widget gives your web site visitors the option to press a button to text you. It’s like online chat, but better, because you can continue to text them until your conversation is complete… even after they leave your web site.