Note: Every text from your web site will appear on both your computer and cell phone app. If you are on the road, you can easily reply using the cell phone app. If you are in your office, it may be faster to type responses on your computer keyboard.

Setup Instructions:

1. Find your login details.
Check your email to find your login details. If you don’t have your login, click retrieve password.   

2. Install the app on your phone

Iphone users go to the App Store an search for the app named “WebTextChat”. You should see the image below.
For android phones, download the app from the Google Play store.

Login to the app you just downloaded

Using the login you received in your email, login to the app. You should only need to login once.

Note: Use the App on your phone, when you receive a text, you will answer it through the app. Do not use the normal texting on your phone. Using the App keeps your cell pone number hidden from customers and also helps you keep an organized list of previous texts (with names and phone numbers). With the app, you can easily have 20+ conversations going at once.

3. View the dashboard on your computer.

On your computer, login at to view the dashboard.
Always keep this page open in one of your tabs. You should only need to login once!

After you login on your computer, you will see a blank dashboard.

After you start receiving texts, your dashboard will look like this:

4) Add the widget code to your web site: (This is what makes the text icon appear on your site)

To find the code that needs added to your web site, login on your computer and click “installs” icon as shown on the left below.
Then, click the “eye” icon. 

After you click the “eye” icon, just click the blue [Copy] button.

Email the widget code to your web site manager and ask them to insert it into the footer.
Or, if you don’t have someone who can do that for you, we will add it for you. Just let us know

Note: Ignore all of the other icons on the menu sidebar.

Try It Out

5) Try it out. Pretend you are the customer.
1. Go to your web site and click the text icon which should appear in the bottom right corner.
2. When prompted, enter your name and cell phone. (or enter a family member’s cell phone if you wish).

You should:
1. Receive a text notification on your phone (remember to answer it in the app, not via your phone text icon)!
2. Receive a text notification on your computer
3. Notice that every time you respond, the text appears on your cell phone and computer screen.

Connect, Capture and Respond To Your Web Site Visitors

Remember, texts from your web site visitors will start the conversation. You can offer to stop texting and call people anytime.

Just because a conversation starts with a text does not mean it has to stay there. Once the conversation begins,  you can text back and forth from your cell phone or computer. Or, you can offer to call them.

To call, just press the phone icon. This is so easy and convenient!

Please contact us if you need any assistance. This works great and we want to make sure it works for you!

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